1 st Grade Packet                              For the week of 3/30/20-4/2/20                                       Sandra Munn 334-750-7092 General thoughts: I am going to be try to be very specific about the work assigned.   If you have any questions, please feel free to text or call me.   I will be available to help you.   It is of primary importance that we keep up the skills that we have worked so hard on this year.   We want to avoid losing the great forward progress we have made.   Much of my style of teaching is hands on and that will be hard to duplicate.   I am trying to allow for fun things without putting a burden on you.   I realize many of you will be working and trying to keep up with school.   So much learning can take place by allowing children to play and explore….especially relating that to the concepts of the week.   I will send home the home connection sheet that we have used all year.   It will be a guide.   The wri

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

I love Dr. Seuss!   It is such a fun week to celebrate the joy of reading!  Today we had a birthday party with cupcakes, photos and favors to kick off our week celebrating Dr. Seuss.  We will focus on a different book each day, but hopefully we can read all of my collection of Seuss this week.  We are making our hats for tomorrow this afternoon.  It will be fun to have all of our tall red and white stripes on tomorrow.  Our story in reading is America Is.  We are beginning a project that we will add to over the next few weeks celebrating all of our traditions, symbols, songs of America.  At the end, the projects will come home and hopefully be a sweet treasure for all of you to share. The spelling words are much easier this week and help us focus back on recognizing patterns for long and short vowels.  We have a math test today.  Those papers should be in the folders. I am leaving for a conference after school on Wednesday.  Cassie Young will be the substitute for our class on Th


We are focusing this week on our community.  We are talking about ways that we can make the place we call home better.  This always starts with our classroom, then Eufaula, then Alabama, the US and the World.  Our story focuses on a young girl who helps convince her community that they need to build a community center.  We talked about our community center and our playground, ballfields, etc.  The children then drew a design for what they would put in a center.  We presented them to the town council (our classmates).   We are going to learn about compromises to work together. "Our plan is to write letters to Mayor Tibbs with some of our ideas for Eufaula.  This week we will focus on working with prefixes.  The spelling words are difficult, but we had a great time working with them today.  Please use the home connections sheet to help review vocabulary and spelling. Keep up the hard work with AR.  We have several who have already made their goals.  A few of us need to really wo

Red, White and Blue

We are very excited about our new unit in reading that involves lots of study of our great country.  We have pulled out books and puzzles all about the USA.  We loved singing some of the patriotic songs today.  They really enjoyed "This Land Is Your Land".  We learned about Teddy Roosevelt and how he started the National Parks in our country.  We will be doing lots of project type learning about the symbols and treasures of our country.   If you have any pictures from trips or souvenirs from different states, we would love to share those with each other.   We want to find the special features all across our great Nation.  I was very pleased with the spelling tests last week.  We had all As on the test.  We are doing great in math and language.  Keep up the good work on AR.  Some of us really need to get busy taking those tests.  Next week is our accreditation visit.  We are looking forward to showing off our great school and especially these awesome 1st graders.  The foll

Moving Right Along

We are staying very busy in the first grade.  We have completed the benchmark testing, and I am very pleased with the results.  Mrs. Debbie Jones has also been doing DRA levels for all of the children at Lakeside.  This is to help us have a better understanding of any individual needs that should be addressed.  I know that you all have expressed concerns with the spelling words for this week.  In case you did not see my comment on facebook, I will test them by rule.  So, focus on memorizing augh and ough and I will call all of them for each rule together to help them.  They are doing well working with the words at school, so I think they will be fine.  We enjoyed learning about President Lincoln today on his birthday.  Next week we will study George Washington for his birthday and we will do a mini study booklet about all the presidents.  We begin a red, white and blue unit for unit 9 so it will all fit together. Friday is our Valentine's Party at 2:00.  Tomorrow we will make

Sorry for Delay

I am sorry for the delay in posting.  Sometimes life just gets a little crazy!  We are doing well in 1st grade considering all the yucky sickness and rainy, cold days.  We certainly were happy to have sunshine yesterday. We are working hard on fluency in reading.  We are also working on being consistent with capital letters and end marks.  I am trying to help them write good sentences with some adjectives and adverbs.  Some of us are going to have to do some work on neatness.  You will see some more tablet paper come home as we try to fix some handwriting.  Great job with spelling and the selection tests with vocabulary.  I am pleased overall with our work.  Math is fine.  Again, encourage your child to work on doing his/her best.  We can be very messy when we hurry. We have a math test tomorrow. Our reading test will be on Friday.  I will also be doing some benchmark testing over the next week to track their overall progress.  It is hard to get those done until we get everyone wel

100 Days of School

This Friday we will celebrate 100 days of first grade together.  The children may dress as an old person to celebrate the day, or they may wear the shirts they created from last year if they still fit.  We will still have normal reading test that morning and second chance at spelling, but our math activities will center around STEM activities related to the number 100. We will not have a party, but we will have a special snack to celebrate the day.  The new Home Connect is in the folder.  I realize it is a short week, but we only have one story for the week, so it works out well.  The spelling words are easy since they are all words with oo.  We will stick with a spelling tests on Thursday and Friday as usual.  Language grades were much better this past week.  The skill tested this week will be recognizing  adjectives and adverbs in  sentences and how it makes the sentences more interesting with details. Keep up the good work with AR.  Most of us are on pace to make our goals.